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    I have messed up moving original image folders from two drives to a single drive.






      Initially the hierarchy was

           Drive 1     MasterLib/Year/Month/Date

           Drive 2     ClientLib/Year/Month/Date


      The new Drive hierarchy is

           Drive     MasterLib/Year/Month/Date


      Initially I thought that just reconnecting a single image, and reconnect all nearby, should reconnect everything in the hierarchy, But it did not do that, it only reconnected a folder at a time. … And not all jpgs. So I went through and started reconnecting a bunch of individual images and those nearby. …


      Then I saw that I should be able to reconnect via a right click on the old source folder, and pointing it to the new source folder. … So I did that, but instead of reconnecting, now it said that some images in this folder were in the target folder, do you want to merge them? … So I said, "OK."


      That seemed to work, the two, no longer active hierarchys went away. … But when I went to the library, it dos said there were many missing images, as far as I can tell, it seems to be the images I moved, but no matter, the images are still there.

      AND WHEN I CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO RECONNECT IT, it shows me a path, that is exactly where the image is located in the new hierarchy, so it knows where the image is, it just does not see them as connected.


      … How can I point to then new root folder for everything now?