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    Track mask lesson 10

    Hadrian Delacey

      hi all. I'm using the After Effects Classroom in a book 2014 release. Lesson 10 involves masking out sky, track masking it and replacing it with storm clouds.

      The issue I have is that once I have used the tracker feature and am going back or forward frame by frame to adjust the mask, the mask moves quite substantially, and the tip section says that if you have to alter more than a few frames it's best to redraw the mask.

      TO my untrained eye there are a lot of frames that really aren't cooperating and there is a lot of mask adjustment to be done. is this to be expected? Or am I being misled by the note saying that I should only need to be altering a few frames?

      I add that I'm using the latest version of after effects, but referencing the 2014 book for lessons. Maybe something got altered in the updates?

      thanks in advance if anyone can shed light on this.