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    I was working in lightroom when all of the sudden my pictures were gone along with all of the edits I had made.  Where did they go?

    lisal12061895 Level 1

      I had been working in Lightroom 5 on a batch of about 60 edits and I was just about done.  I looked down at my phone for a second and when I looked back up, the images were gone from both of the library and develop modules were blank.  It said no previous import.  Where did they go?  I quit and restarted and same thing!  I have no idea where they went or how I can get them back.  I still have the images on my hard drive, but they are no longer in my catalog and I don't have any of the edits I had spent hours working on.  What happened???


      I hadn't backed them up as I was just about done and getting ready to export and quit.