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    After Effects CC Encoding Problems (Slanted View and Doubled Side-by-Side Sequence)


      Although a beginner to the Adobe Creative Cloud space, there is some awareness of the system's primary functions, as well as, some additional details. However, a problem has occurred upon encoding and exporting an Adobe After Effects (AE) project to Adobe Media Encoder (AME) such that the 2D plane (or rather the preview version within AE is flat and non-transformed) becomes 3D in a way that the sequence becomes slanted and doubled with a line between the same clips in the rendering preview within AME. The system currently being used is a MacBook Air, and the Adobe Programs were recently installed as of 2016. Has such an issue ever become prominent or circumstantial to anyone on the forum? If there are any other details needed, please request by responding to this post. Thank you for your time and efforts!


      The following is an image that portrays the formerly outlined predicament:


      Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.01.39 PM.png