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    InDesign won't open; deleted preferences, uninstalled/reinstalled. Used to work fine.

    Ysmay Level 1

      Hey all,


      I've been using InDesign CC for some time now, and for some reason that I can't quite figure out it suddenly has stopped working, quite literally overnight. I haven't installed anything else, nor has my computer gone through any updates.

      I uninstalled InDesign, updated CC to the latest version, and reinstalled InDesign, and it still will not open. I have deleted the preferences and the cache to no avail.


      I'm on Windows 7, and when I look at my task manager after the app closes, I see it never fully closes. It's still sitting there. This is becoming very frustrating as I have a client project that I'm currently unable to complete, and I'm paying for InDesign CC and cannot use it.


      I would appreciate any and all insight. This is really driving me crazy.


      Thanks very much for your time!


      (Error attached.)