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    lightroom 6 freezing on startup


      Hi Everyone,

      I am a LR 6 user not cloud. I am having many issues with 6. I've been using it a few months now and I have finally run out of luck. I've been using LR for many years with no trouble. I am running WIN7 Pro 64 bit and have 32 GB of RAM and just upped my system a few months ago.

      My IT tech did run a program called Macrium reflect and this might be one of the problems, I'm not sure. That program is supposedly able to copy your hard drive exactly and reproduce it on a new machine. I have had a lot of licensing issues with ESRI Arcmap a GIS program I use for my business.


      1. First thing that started was a server busy message which I have to click on about 10 times to get rid of so I can use LR

      2. when I delete rejected photos LR  disappears. It's still running but I cannot get it back up I can see it in the task manager but no matter what I do it will not expand\become visible. I will have to restart my system to get it back. After this problem I uninstalled it, then re-installled it. Lost a bunch of work and went on Vacation for a month shortly after that. It had been running better but now NOT so much!

      3. Today I seem to have broken it altogether. I cannot get it to open. I'm not sure what happened but I've had to kill the program  several times and I even tried closing the machine down completely waiting 20 seconds and restarting and it is still frozen at the splash screen (moutain scene). I go into task master and there is LR 6 and another program Bezel when I kill lightroom it dissapears. I'm trying to update my web page and I'm not winning the fight.

      Please help me out if you can?
      Thanks heaps,


      PS Should I just give up and go to the cloud?