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    Virtual proofs? Definitely confused

    stevenp15666665 Level 1

      What are they exactly?


      I've been using lightroom for 3 years, and never had a dialog pop up about them.


      Now, the screen goes white after it automatically assumes I want a virtual proof (which I, by the way, haven't quite figured out what it is).

      Then when I try to delete a photo, it gets rid of the proof, THEN the image.

      Because of this I have accidentally deleted a file I was working on.


      Can anyone help me with this?

      Thanks in advance

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          You may be talking about two things!


          1. Virtual Copies- appear in the library as another image but are only just another recipe for baking the same physical photo.

          Press [Ctrl+' ] to create a Virtual Copy of a selected image, which you can then develop/edit in a different way. Like having two recipes to make different biscuits using the same ingredients. Deleting a Virtual Copy will only 'remove' the copy it does not delete the original photo.


          2. You mention a 'White screen' so it is possible you are looking at a "Soft Proof". This is a preview of an image that you intend to print and Lightroom tries to show it as it would appear on different kinds of (white) paper and using different printer profiles.

          [ S ]  in the Develop module toggles Soft Proofing on/off (or you tick the box below the image) and you select a printer profile in the panel under the histogram. If you try some different profiles you may see the tone of the 'White' screen background change slightly to mimic different paper types.

          The "Soft Proof"  is only a preview! and if you delete the image here you are indeed removing the image from the Lr catalog or Deleting from the hard-drive entirely!

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            stevenp15666665 Level 1

            Hmm I think it's the second thing?

            The photo no longer has a white screen because it has already been edited, but at the top left of the image (or screen) it says AdobeRGB Perceptual

            And in the library module, at the top left of the photograph thumbnail, it says 1 of  - one is the original, the other is the RGB perceptual

            Also the only thing I see under Histogram is a box that says "Original Photo"


            Does that help explain it better? Haha this problem is just really confusing to me I guess.

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              I think it is both!!


              I think you must have checked the box to show a "Soft Proof Copy" while you are in the Develop module,  and then created a "Soft Proof - Virtual Copy" that now exists beside your original in the Library Grid.

              You would have had set "AdobeRGB" as the profile instead of a 'Print Paper' profile.

              Information shown on the Loupe view would indicate this as it shows the "Profile" and "Rendering Intent".


              Creating a "Soft Proof - Virtual Copy" Preview, is useful if you ever intend to make further prints from the same image with the same Paper and Profile.

              You may notice the histogram slightly different to the 'original' image.

              And you may be able to detect colors that will not print correctly if they 'fall outside' the color gamut of the Printer/Paper/Ink that will be used for the print.


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                stevenp15666665 Level 1

                Ok super weird - the problem went away by itself? I don't have two versions of the file anymore. Not sure what I did differently haha. I may be back if it reverts to old behavior.

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  A follow-up with a link-

                  Master the Lightroom 5 Print Module - YouTube


                  This is a 1 hour video on YouTube but with a section on printing including "Creating Proof Virtual Copies"

                  Well worth watching.