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    Does anybody know how this was done?


      Hello Community,


      I have seen a photograph with post processing which appears unique and I'm interested to learn what are the key functions/tools used to create the effect. I cannot describe it but please take a look here and if you know what tools were used I'd be grateful for the knowledge: Many thanks for any input



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          SolonasM Level 1

          Hi there,


          unfortunately you can`t make that kind of processing on Lr.


          I do the very same genre of photography,it`s called "Fine Art Architecture"


          It is usually Long Exposure images [you can see that by cloud movement ] ,with shutter speeds from some seconds up to ten minutes


          That kind of images processed in Photoshop and silver efex pro 2 or any other third party b&w plug-in

          You mast mastering selections tool like Pen tool,lasso tool etc


          here is a panorama of mine,3 images stitched in Photoshop. ~4 minutes exposure each :

          The GateKeepers-1.jpg

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            mark1894 Level 1

            HI SolanosM


            thank you for your reply and stunning phot. I do a lot of long exposure and familiar with the aspect. It was more specifically the effect on the buildings I was baffled by. Are you able to provide a little more info on the technique used in Photoshop?


            Mmany thanks for taking the time to reply and share your photo and knowledge.

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              mark1894 Level 1

              Apolicies for the typo on your name SolonasM !

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                SolonasM Level 1

                Of course,


                i can give you some tips about the workflow that we use


                This workflow have two stages the -hard- selections

                and the artistic approach


                Selections and hard selections are crucial for a flawless image [in panorama above i separate buildings from sky with pen tool but in very precise way; brick by brick (!!!) ,took me about...10 hours to do so.. ]


                so you make hard selections with pen tool or lasso tool or anyway you can,of course Pen tool is the best

                you can make selections with luminosity masks or color range tool also


                After that you start with the image,basically you apply shadows and light everywhere you want so have a pleasing result


                play with curves and levels > make two or more layers with different bright values > make masks and mix each layer with Gradients


                It`s not very easy to describe the workflow in paper.. [English is not my mother language ether .. ]


                You should check in Joel`s website and/or Julia`s for some tricks n` tips also


                Frontpage - BWVISION - Black and White fine art photography and long exposure photography




                those two are probably the best photographers  of fine art architecture 

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                  mark1894 Level 1

                  tthank you so much for taking the time to respond with this excellent information and resource. Very much appreciated.