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    Will I Ever Get to Organize/Edit Photos in Lightroom?


      Another Friday night, another bug, another wasted evening.  Such has been life with the Uncreative Cloud. 


      And to think, my employer pays good money for SDETS.  Suckers!  They should follow Adobe's "did you file a bug report?" Inc's lead and have the customers work for free.  Now that the Supreme Court ruled that companies can thumb their nose at the law with impunity, the sky's the limit!


      So, anyway, now none of my folders show up in the Library module.  No, I'm not kidding, although I wish I were.  It's been a long, long time since I've done anything approximating photo editing with Adobe's products.  I'd quit the whole thing in a heartbeat if the company didn't cynically lock people in for a year, because they know they wouldn't stay otherwise.


      And, joy of joys, I did a fair amount of research and found this very same bug .... from 2011.  No kidding.  No effing kidding!  A 5 year-old bug, and it's still there. Whooooooo, great job, Adobe, great job.


      Given that it's a 5 year-old bug, I'm going to guess that nobody has any idea besides "hey, have you filed yet another bug report, it should be easy since you've done it so many times before."


      Yes, that's what I pay for every month.  To be a beta tester.  And boy o boy am I getting my money's worth.


      Bent over a table and poked again where the sun don't shine by the best corporations a nation in decline can offer.  It's a great time to be an American consumer, boys ... can you feel the quality ... I mean, can you really, really feel it?


      I know I can.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Venting you anger in this "Community of users" wont get you far here.

          If anyone is able to help you here, it might be a good time to politely explain your problem in more detail than that given in your post-

          none of my folders show up in the Library module
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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            Then you opened the wrong catalog file or you started a new catalog. Do a search of your hard drive for .lrcat and see what turns up.

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              Go2Rex Level 1

              Yeah, except that I didn't.  Catalog was the first thing I checked.  In fact, I only have one catalog, and it's in a dedicated directory for catalogs.  I "optimized" it as well.  I can see all of the photos in the folders (under All Photographs), but I can't see or manipulate the photos themselves.  Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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                Go2Rex Level 1

                People are people and when the pay for a product which they hardly ever get to use, they react like people do.  Shake your fist at human nature all you want, take the high road, whatever you feel that you need to do.  My comment was genuine and sincere, and I stand by it.  If it "doesn't get me far", well, then it doesn't.  Furthermore, how much more I could add to "my folders don't show up", I'm really not sure.  How about:


                My folders don't show up.  On my screen. In the left panel.  Under catalog.  The folders module is completely blank.  I've checked to make sure the catalog is correct, but the module is still blank.


                I really wish I had more to tell you, and yes, I still resent like hell that I spend my time typing up this stuff instead of editing photos.  As I have a right to be, and express.  "Community of users" still doesn't mean "Community of people exactly like you", no matter how badly you crave just such a community.  Being tolerant and embracing diversity aren't just slogans.



                the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with

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                  Go2Rex Level 1

                  So, it's morning, and I'm giving it another whack.  Oh, and I'm trying to fix the Lightroom issue too.


                  (oh Lovey, he made a self-pleasure joke, how very low-brow, he must not be an intellectual like us, fah fah fah)


                  Anyway, when I try to purge the cache, I get a new error:


                  [/DynamicLinkMediaServer8/releases/2014.03/shared/adobe/MediaCore/ASL/Foundation/Src/Direc toryRegistry.cpp-283]


                  "See, I told you you opened the wrong catalogno wait, that doesn't look like user error at all ... could it be that Adobe Megalocorp is pushing out .... (queue dramatic music with a raised eyebrow) ... buggy software?! Good GOD, maybe my college professors were wrong after all.  Maybe, just maybe, these companies don't truly love me?  No, no, it couldn't be.  That would be unthinkable. I hate this Rex person for making me have these doubts.  I knew it, it IS his fault! See, I told you so!"

                  One day, before my CC "subscription" runs out, I endeavor to actually use the product for photo editing instead of bug-spotting.


                  "Look, Rex, you won't get far with that attitude. We're far more outraged over the way customers express frustration than we are with a major corporation pushing out bug-riddled abominations while taking money from people who can't use their products.  It's like climate change.  Sure, you don't own car, and have a carbon footprint in the bottom 1% of all Americans, but you don't talk the talk like us polluters do, so the heck with the problem, we're going to talk about how you express yourself and how we don't like it because that'll be far more likely solve the problem!"


                  Seriously, I've been on the Internet for nearly 20 years now.  My expectations for anything resembling productive help from a forum of random, anonymous users is pretty low.   Oh sure, it doesn't hurt to try, but I don't know that my expectations could be any lower.  Accusations that I "won't get far" unless I model myself after some intolerant, homogenous regular, well, thanks anyway and get over yourself.  Don't act like that's what's standing in the way of you providing productive help, because the fact of the matter is that you have no idea why this problem is occurring, and no matter how self-indulgent you think my whining is, whining about whining doesn't suddenly rise to the level of intellectualism.

                  I will cop to one thing, though. It is my fault that Adobe doesn't hire SDETS and actual bug testers, and instead has customers perform that expensive service for free.  See, I actually filed bug reports, thus perpetuating the "free labor for large corporations" trend.  I was wrong, and I apologize for doing so.  I don't expect it, but I can only ask for your forgiveness.


                  Love you ....

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                    WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                    Perseverance: Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

                    I will persevere and tolerate-

                    I only have one catalog, and it's in a dedicated directory for catalogs.

                    Where in your file system is that 'catalog' folder?

                    Have you moved the one catalog in your file system at any time?

                    Have you renamed the catalog at any time?

                    Do you have more than one file in your system that ends with the file type suffix of  .LRCAT  ?

                    I can see all of the photos in the folders

                    Where can you see them?  In File Explorer, or in Lightroom?

                    Do they appear in the Lightroom Library Grid view?

                    Can you only see ALL your photos in the one Library Grid view (be selecting "All Photographs")?

                    Can you Right-click on one of your photos and select "Go to Folder in Library" - what happens?

                    I can't see or manipulate the photos themselves.

                    So is the Library Grid view a total black blank?

                    Are the thumbnails in the Grid view 'Greyed out' ?

                    Do you see exclamation marks on the border/frame of any thumbnails?


                    Now screen-clips that show your left of screen from [Navigator] panel down to [Publish services] would be most helpful.


                    If you can see the [Catalog] panel header-  (You must, since you see "all photographs" or am I wrong!)  Can you Right-click on the [Catalog] Panel HEADER and see a menu that looks like this?


                    Do you see a "Tick" against the Folders line?

                    If you do NOT see a tick, can you mouse click to tick it, and then make the [Folders] panel visible?


                    If you see a [Folders] panel header, do you see a Disk-drive name?

                    If you do, can you click on the Disk-drive name to open the contained folders?


                    Just answers thanks.

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                      Ken Jacobs345

                      Funny how Go2Rex just slinked back into his cave ....