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    adt -migrate error

      I'm trying to migrate and old copy of my air file using -migrate. I create a new version of my app signed with the new cert, then trying to sign it again using the old cert. Here's what I see

      The ant task just sits there and nothing happens. No sucess prompt.
      Buildfile: /path/build.xml

      <target name="package-migration">
      <java jar="${ADT.JAR}" fork="true" failonerror="true">
      <arg value="-migrate"/>
      <arg value="-storetype"/>
      <arg value="${STORETYPE}"/>
      <arg value="-keystore"/>
      <arg value="${KEYSTORE-TEST}"/>
      <arg value="${APP_ROOT_DIR}/build/version//${APP_NAME}.air"/>
      <arg value="${APP_NAME}.air"/>
      <move file="${APP_NAME}.air" todir="${APP_ROOT_DIR}/bin-build" />