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    Audio volume rising and falling

    KnowAll03 Level 1
      Hi everyone,

      I'm recording voice overs for my tutorial project, created in CP3. I'm using an external mic that's designed for VO's. However, I've noticed in some of my published projects that the volume will rise and fall from slide to slide. I'm recording in a small office so I don't think I'm moving my head too much. I'm stumped--has this happened to anyone else? Are there any workarounds?


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          Scout's mom Level 2
          It doesn't take much head movement to make the volume bounce around. I record and edit my audio with SoundForge (producing WAV files). Then I use GoldWave to batch process the files (Noise Reduction: Clipboard noise print, Equalizer: Reduce mid [for my voice], and Maximize Volume; Full dynamic range, in that order. (GoldWave is inexpensiv and its batch processor great.)

          The extra processing is well worth it, I think, unless your projects are absolutely quick-and-dirty.