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    Lightroom acting weird


      I run LR 4 on a Mac Pro running El Capitain.


      Recently started using LR and set up the Catalog on an External Hard Drive. I then switched the Catalog onto a different Hard Drive. Added the new folders. DELETED THE OLD FOLDERS. There were no relinking issues and everything was working fine. I then went through all my folders and keyworded all my images.


      I just opened LR and in the Folders section, it's showing my old hard drive and folders (the ones I deleted when I switched)... All the subfolders obviously have "?" and there are no images. The new drive is not there anymore. I have checked the Catalog and this is still in the new place.


      Can anyone tell me what has happened here?


      Phil x

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6

          The catalogue is still in the new place, but you probably opened an old one, somehow. Go to the new place and double-click on the *..LRCAT file. That will open LR with that catalogue.


          If it's now OK, go to the General tab of Preferences, and set the default catalog to the full path to the current catalogue.


          If it's still the wrong one, come back and we'll dig deeper.



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            CircuitFactory Level 1

            Hi There,

            I went to the LR folder and I can see I have 2 x conflicted copy files and a Lightroom Main.lrcat file. I clicked the latter and that took me to the above situation (all images not linked and only the old external recognised).


            What should I do? Click one of the conflicted copies?


            How on earth did I manage to do this???


            Thanks for any advice given.


            Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 19.47.58.png

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              Hal P Anderson Level 6

              It may well be one of the conflicted copies. I don't have a Mac, so I know nothing about how they're created.


              You can experiment:

              • rename the Lightroom Main.lrcat to something else
              • copy one of the conflicted copies to the name Lightroom Main.lrcat
              • double-click on it and see if it's right
              • if it is, then you're OK
              • if not delete that one and copy the other one and test
              • if that one isn't OK, do you have backups?