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    cleaning out the preview folder


      How can I clean out my preview folder so I can get back the 257GB from my hard drive without losing any of the adjustments I have done on any files? I have always had the remove after 30 days checked so obviously that isn't working!

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6

          You could just drag it to the trash, but then as you use LR, it will have to rebuild any preview that you need, which will be annoyingly slow, probably. None of your adjustments are contained in the preview folder. There's no way to selectively clean it out. I suppose you could delete the folder and then tell LR to rebuild it without 1:1 previews, but that could take a really long time and might not save you that much space. How many images do you have?


          Are you that short on space? As people keep pointing out, disk is cheap.