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    Making a slideshow.


      How do I prevent my photo groups from jumping to places different than where I assigned them? I have numbered each group and the individual photos a sequential number.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements, what computer operating system?

          Here I am referring to ordering of photos for import.....


          Two ways to keep your photos ordered when they arrive on the Premiere Elements Timeline....

          1. Order them in a folder on the hard drive, and then import the folder into the project's Timeline

          2. Or, create an Album in the Elements Organizer, place the photos into the Album, and import the Album into the Premiere Elements project.


          Using 1, please do the following type of sequence to avoid drop outs of number....

          If you have 1000 photos, then Slide 0001, 0002, and, after 0009, then 0010, and so on....

          If you have 100 photos, then Slide 001, 002, and, after 009, the 010 and so on....


          We went through this in a recent thread here, I will see if I can locate it and post a link to it in your thread.


          If you are talking about keeping groups of photo together at the Timeline Level, then we can talk about selecting all in the group and then apply Group option.


          Please let me know if need clarification on the above.


          Thank you.



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            mlmorris Level 1

            I am using Premier version 14.


            I am using Windows 10

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              Thanks for the follow up.


              Premiere Elements 14 on Windows 10 (assumed 64 bit)....


              If you want have your photos arrive on the Timeline in the order that you want them, then two possibilities....


              1. Name and place them sequentially into a folder on the computer hard drive, and them import that whole folder into the Premiere Elements project with the project's Add Media/Files and Folders. We have gone through these considerations with gedeminassmaizys in the thread How do I name files that they would have the correct order?

              Basically, naming scheme in hard drive folder, for 100 photos, then Slide001.jpg, Slide002.jpg, etc. This scheme will avoid problems with numbers after Slide009.jpg


              2. The other way is to create an Elements Organizer Album, put your photos in the Album, order the photos in the Album, and import that Album photos into the Premiere Elements project.


              If photos are moving around when you do not want them too, determine if "grouping" photos will help. To do that, all at one time, select all the photos involved, and then right click anywhere in the selection. In the pop up menu, select Group. Then all the photos in the selection will move as one.


              Please consider, and then let me know if the above consideration apply to your situation. If not, then please give more details.


              Thank you.



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                mlmorris Level 1

                Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give it another try, I guess I almost had it.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Looking forward to your results when your schedule permits.


                  This should work for you. If not, please detail where it is not, and we will sort out the details so that it does.


                  Best wishes



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                    mlmorris Level 1

                    I'm sorry to report that it did not fix my problem.  I tried both methods several times, but no matter how I tried, they always came in mixed up; even photos of one group appearing in a completely different group. So I'm stuck again wondering if I'll ever be able to finish this project.



                    LaVelle Morris

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                      LeVelle Morris


                      Do not give up.


                      Let us go through this step by step, working with the Premiere Elements project.


                      Where are the photos at the very beginning before they get into the project - in order in one folder on the computer hard drive or some place else?

                      You mention groups of photos. How are you grouping them before you bring them into the project ---in order in each of several folders or some other way.


                      We need to go through this step by step to figure out how photos of one group appear in completely different group.

                      Are they staying as you want them when you drag them to the Timeline but as you work with them they get into trouble? Or is there trouble just putting them on the Timeline for the first time.


                      Let us go through the above and then move on to the next phase once we have succeed in the previous phase.


                      Thank you.




                      Add On...Please tell us what the pixel dimensions are for each photo (width and height in pixels). How many pictures altogether?