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    Problems with Lightroom CC and possibly OS X El Capitan

    peetachip25 Level 1

      Hello Lightroom users,


      I have been using Lightroom since the summer and have encountered little to no issues with the program until recently. Before upgrading to El Capitan, I never had an issue with photos disappearing. Now, after updating my Macbook's software, it appears that Lightroom isn't recognizing or can't remember the raw files I had done edits for within the last 3 months. The photos that were once in my Lightroom fully edited etc. are now not appearing in the same catalog they were once in.


      I have been searching for hours now trying to figure out the problem. I used to have around 1500 photos and now have 500 because Lightroom chose to save the photos I uploaded within my first few months of using it strangely enough. I thought about looking under other catalogs but I don't even have any. I only have one catalog. No filters have been selected and the photos are just simply not there in Lightroom.


      I know I can simply reimport all of the new photos but that isn't what I want back. I want to have all the edits and changes I made on the hundreds of photos I've taken. Please help me out because I'm worried all of my work has been lost.


      Technical details:

      • late 2008 MacBook

      • El Capitan software 10.11.2

      • Lightroom CC newest version as of 1/16/16

      • .NEF or Raw filed photos