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    I can't install Flash Player on my Macbookpro




      I'm writing from Australia.


      I've been trying to install Adobe Flash Player (V fro a couple of days.  I've had no luck at all.  I've tried in the past to Adobe Flash Player using other browsers (Safari & Firefox) and haven't had any luck.  Yesterday I tried changing to Safari that didn't make any difference. I've look at some of the discussions and haven't found anything helpful. 

      This is the error message I get when I try to install it. "Application initialization error"


      Here's the details on my Operating system, web browser and MacBook:

      • MacBook Pro9,2 (purchased new Dec 2015);
      • running OS X 10.11.2; and
      • browser is Opera (V 34.0.2036.47).


      I hope someone can help me.