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    Photo issue in Premiere Clip


      Hello and thanks in advance for any help.  Tying to use Premiere Clip for the first time.  I have 51 photos in the folder, clearly there when I look in Photos on the phone.  When I open Premiere Clip the folder shows up but only 23 show up.  Any idea why?

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          The first reason I can think of is that the missing (28) photos are showing up in the folder only because they're being streamed from somewhere.  In iOS, it's possible to stream libraries of shared photos that aren't actually on the phone.  Perhaps PrClip isn't seeing their virtual addresses on the phone.


          If they're not streamed, but are on the phone, and still not showing up, is it possible that they are saved or imported as a different format?

          Were they taken with the phone? Or just imported to the device? 

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            kirker Level 4

            Hey rmjohn16

            I agree with Ko's diagnosis. The issue may be that some of your photos are synced via some sort of cloud (iCloud, etc.). Premiere Clip is not compatible with cloud services and won't show those images.

            Is this the case?

            Let me know!




            EDIT: Creative Cloud DOES support pulling images from the cloud into Premiere Clip, but other cloud services may not.

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              kirker Level 4

              Hi rmjohn16!

              Were you able to solve the issue of your photos not showing up with Ko's cloud services hypothesis? If the images are saved via cloud services, make sure to download the images locally to your device before using them in Premiere Clip. If you have more questions, here's a cloud services FAQ for Premiere Clip:

              FAQ: Can I use cloud services with Premiere Clip?


              Let me know if that helps!