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    I am having trouble importing images from an external hard rive (macosx 10.10.5, lightroom CC 2015-3 up-to-date).


      I have used Lightroom to 12 months and am usually quite happy. So I decided to bring all my images into the library.


      I have 200k images on the external drive (used to be managed by aperture, all referenced images; most are jpg). The import in lightroom usually stalls after a few 100's of images.


      When I import individual folders, a few are OK, but large folders (>200 images) usually import only partially. Then the import stalls. Trying to import images individually shows NO preview of the missing images - they are listed and can be selected, though. Importing a single one of these images results in no import (stalls).


      The 'problem' images are usually exactly the same as the ok-ones in the folder - same camera, same day, same format... I suspected a weird permission issue, but making everything read-write didn't fix anything. Then I created a 'test' folder on the same external harddrive, and simply dragged a copy of a problem image. No problem importing this one!


      cd /Volumes/JoelMBP_1500/MyPictures/test

      Joels-MacBook-Pro:test joelbrugger$ ls -l IM2P9705*

      -rwxr-xr-x@ 1 joelbrugger  staff  8157333  2 Sep  2013 IM2P9705.JPG

      Joels-MacBook-Pro:test joelbrugger$ cd /Volumes/JoelMBP_1500/MyPictures/Images_2013/20130902\ Gorely\ Volcano

      Joels-MacBook-Pro:20130902 Gorely Volcano joelbrugger$ ls -l IM2P9705*

      -rwxrwxrwx@ 1 joelbrugger  staff  8157333  2 Sep  2013 IM2P9705.JPG


      In summary: folder '20130902\ Gorely\ Volcano' contains 400 images. Import was OK to IM2P9704 (175th image), but stalled at IM2P9705. The import dialog shows previews for 175 images to 9704, but not 9705 onwards. 9705 does not import. BUT is is drag IMPP9705 to a new folder on the same external hard rive, now problem.

      100's of folder have this problem - terrifying!

      Thanks for your help,