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    Acrobat Reader on iPad doesn't show text




      I'm not sure what happened. I am using the latest app version of Acrobat Reader for iPad.

      As of last week, suddenly all the texts disappear from the pages. I can see the background images, and at times the text will reappear for a moment, but will disappear straight away.

      I am able to select the text (i.e. it recognizes that there is indeed text there) and even use such functions as "define," but not see it.

      I thought it was a font problem, but the same things happen in documents I have previously worked with many times.


      I also notices that many times it will show the text a little blurred, and instead of focusing it (as it did in the past when this happened) it disappears.


      Is this a problem with the latest Reader update?


      Thank you for the help.