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    set stage size?

      Is there a way to have the stage size change during this one section that is vertically longer? I'd prefer not to have the html scrollbar through the whole site, but I need overflow to show for this one page of the Flash website (website is one long timeline with labeled frames for each of the pages)

      Thanks to all the smarties!
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          clbeech Level 3
          LOL! sorry you can't change the size of the stage outside the IDE - but you *can* use a scrollpane component to show the content of the MC that is larger than the stage size - complete with it's own scrollbars :)
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            Hey halodesign,

            I think that is possible, (I am not sure). I have visited some flash website which is completely re sizable according to the browser window without any scrollbars... My guess is they might be used ajax/js to change the flash object embed size... Do some research based on ajax and JS....

            - J
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              clbeech Level 3
              in a manner of speaking you are correct jp - you *can* use the onResize event of the Stage class to adjust the size of the stage to the browser window or table, you *can* also 'scale' the content of the stage through publishing and code, on-the-fly durring runtime in a similar manner. however that is not what the halo's problem relates to, he wants to change the stage only during one portion of the site navigation, so unless the entire site was built dynamically, and any other page content was present, it would be problematic to scale the contents 'all' to the height of the MC in question. a better solution for the issue as he describes it is to use a scrollpane window, as i'd mentioned.