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    Why won't my watermark save to the photos?


      I am new to Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom.  I have recently attempted multiple times to add my watermark through Lightroom.  I watched the tutorial online and did step by step what it told me to do.  However, once I export the photos into the folders, their location, etc., I click the photos and the watermark is not there.  So, to make sure I am not crazy, I was going to write out a quick step by step of my process.  If I am doing something wrong, please help!  Thanks!


      1. Select photos to export

      2. When the export window comes up select the location of where the photo is going and then scroll down to watermark.

      3. Either create a watermark or use one that I have already made and saved in Lightroom.

      4. Once watermark is chosen, hit export.


      Cannot get much easier than that.  Is there something wrong in the method or does it not like a PC for some reason?  I mean the tutorial is 2 to 3 years old and is talking about Lightroom 3 and showing Lightroom 4, so I am unsure if the product is different so it might not work the same?  I am not sure, but it is driving me bonkers and I have restarted my comp., my programs, saved in different locations, on external hard drives, desktop, different folder locations, etc.  I cannot seem to find out how to make the dang thing actually apply to my photos.  Anything anyone might suggest would be greatly appreciated, thank you!