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    Error compiling imported themes

      I have imported a theme file into my project. I tried then to compile it by right clicking the .css file. There was no message given. I tried doing it then at the command line, and I get a strange error from the mxmlc compiler:

      /Applications/Adobe\ Flex\ Builder\ 3/sdks/3.2.0/bin/mxmlc -include-libraries=ReachOverActivitiesv2Shadow.swc ReachOverActivitiesv2Shadow.css
      Loading configuration file /Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.2.0/frameworks/flex-config.xml
      /Users/wbathurs/Documents/Flex Builder 3/v1/src/assets/skins/ReachOverActivitiesv2Shadow.css(4): Error: Unable to create source ReachOverActivitiesv2Shadow__embed_css__138563797.

      borderSkin: Embed(skinClass="ReachOverActivitiesv2Shadow");

      Any ideas?