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    Sync to Mobile not working - WF Oz Binary Uploader reports Timeout

    Markus Ortner

      Switched recently to Lightroom CC and wanted to use the syncing, it does generate the previews, but then fails to upload them.

      I generated the Diagnostic report, and in the section "WF Oz Binary Uploader" there are a LOT of entries with a Timeout (60 sec) error.


      There are no proxies in use, I checked with firewall on and off, and the download to Lightroom after uploading an image to the  web-interface did work too.

      Meta data is uploaded, I do see the Collection and the placeholder for the images in the web interface, but the binary images never get uploaded.


      I tried to delete the cache for the sync several times (in App, or the folder in the explorer), and using tiny images that shouldnt take long to upload to see if it was just to big, but non of those things worked.


      Anyone else has an idea what could fix that issue?