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    Do you know that if you get a free trial on Adobe Stock images but don't cancel in time it will cost you big time?


      Many companies offer free trials for products, but ask for a credit card so that they will automatically renew a membership monthly and charge you for it if you don't cancel it.  This is a common, industry practice.  However in Adobe's case I learned yesterday that not only does it bill monthly, but they will bill you a $149.95 cancellation fee if you don't cancel before the free trial ends.  That's right - if you're traveling or have trouble loading it or have trouble finding where the "cancel my subscription is" or just get busy...if you wait longer than the trial period and want to cancel because you're not using it as you had thought you might when you clicked "free trial," you are in for whatever you've paid to date plus $149.95 to cancel. 


      Did you know?  (there's my question for you)