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    ircat files missing


      I'm having trouble importing into LRCC  from My Pictures and when I look at the folder there called Lightroom I find two subfolders. the first called "Lightroom Catalog Previews.Irdata" has subfolders labelled 0 to 9, more labelled A to F, and 2 files labelled "previews" and "root pixels". Each of the numbered sub folders have around 70 sub subfolders -all empty. Sub folder A has 72 sub sub folders -all empty except one which has a file labelled with a string of numbers ending with .Irprev which Windows can't open.All the others have around 70 sub sub folders -all empty.

      Clicking the second folder called  "Lightroom Catalog" momentarily flashes up two others and then opens Lightroom CC.

      This all seems wrong but it's out of my ability to understand what's wrong.. I'd be pleased if anyone can help.