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    Adjustment brush - colour

    Tooslow2007 Level 1

      Help! I have read tutorials, Googled and even read the manual I bought but I'm still struggling to paint colour onto my photo.


      I select the adjustment brush, select "Effect: Color", left click on the colour picker, drag my eye dropper to the point on the photo which has the colour I want and release the left mouse button. That sets the colour I want into the swatch so I guess so far, so good.  All of the sliders above the colour swatch are set to zero. So now I paint my colour where I want it? I do this, a pin appears and I can see some effect but the colour is not being applied. If I mess around with the sliders I can de-saturate the area etc. so clearly I am selecting the area but no colour is being applied. Feather, Flow and Density are all set to 100. 


      I'm obviously missing something obvious but could someone point me at it please?