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    Drag-import into the project window not working in After Effects?

    CWS Mac Level 1

      This has been a problem since upgrading to windows 10 about 4 months ago.

      Here is what I'm trying to do, unsuccessfully in Windows 10:

      Not working.PNG..PNG

      Here's what's happening:



      I've been using File > Import for months, but I miss the ability to drag files into the project window.  It's a faster workflow for me.

      Found some older threads from 2014 about this issue.  A patch was released to fix it on that version.

      Here is the version of after effects I'm running.



      Here are my system specs:


      I found a thred on creative cow where someone was having this problem in june 2015.  He was able to turn off compatability mode for AE and get the drag-import functionality back.

      I cannot seem to find a "compatibility" mode on windows 10 anywhere.