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    Issue/Glitch While Morphing Shapes in After Effects CS6




      I'm trying to do a basic morph of a square into a triangle using After Effects CS6. When I get to the step where I'm copying the square path's keyframe and pasting it onto the triangle path's keyframe, the entire shape moves diagonally to a different part of the screen. It's essentially morphing and moving although I had both shapes aligned to the center of the screen. I'm confused as to why the shape is not just staying centered on the screen while it's morphing. I've tried a trick that has worked for others with copying the first keyframe for the triangle, pasting it on another frame, then deleting the initial frame and replacing it with the copied keyframe point. That didn't help at all. Any other suggestions?




      ~ Peter

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are animating a bezzier path The animation is going to proceed in a straight line and be centered around the first vertex. If I were going to turn a square into a triangle I would add a new vertex  to the top line of the square then animate the top left and top right corner's straight down until the sides became a straight line and the triangle was formed. Changing the number of points while animating a path will almost always give you unpredictable results.