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    RoboHelp Reference Guide

      hi everyone,

      my name is ian and i'm new to the RoboHelp community...can anyone here recommend any good RoboHelp reference books? thx!


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          For ADOBE RoboHelp 7 HTML, there's a good tutorial book, not to be confused with books for earlier versions of RoboHelp 7 from predecessor companies:

          "Essentials of RoboHelp 7 HTML: 'Skills and Drills' Learning"
          Author: Kevin A. Siegel
          Available on Amazon.com and other book sites.

          Unfortunately, I know of no other Adobe RoboHelp 7 books and I haven't seen anything at all out there yet for Adobe RoboHelp 8.

          Maybe someone else has better information than I do.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            I'm slowly working to create material I offer on a site linked in the sig line of my posts.

            Cheers... Rick