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    Clean Lightroom user cache video folder


      Hi everyone, I was trying to make some free space on my computer hard drive when I found out that my "user/myname/library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/video/MediaCacheFiles " was containing more than 100 Gb of data.

      I'm planning to erase these data in order to gain some free space. Is it safe? I think those datas are used to have a quick view in Lightroom (in the grid panel) of the various video files that have been imported in my Lightroom libraries. I kind of never use LR to manage or preview my video files (Premiere is way more efficient for that matter) so I don't need those very heavy extra files to share my disk space.

      Can you tell me I can do it without encountering any issues?





      Lightroom CC 2015.3

      MAC OS 10.9.5