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    Adobe Stock won't allow online licensing and purchases


      I am a Creative Cloud member in Brazil.
      Ever since I signed up for the service I've been trying to license content from Adobe Stock but it says "online licensing and purchases not allowed in your region. Click here to find a retailer."
      Problems are:
      1) There are NO retailers whatsoever near me.
      2) I also haven't been able to redeem my 10 free images so far.

      3) I can access and preview content but I can't make use of any of it.
      I would really like to use the services of Adobe Stock. I'm having to spend extra money for the services of Shutterstock, which is absolutely ridiculous, since I am a full member of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

      Adobe advertises advantages of being a member, but apparently these advantages have regional restrictions. This is completely unfair.

      Is there a way to use the online services of Adobe Stock?