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    How can we change the pdf document content after Digital Signatures signed


      Dear Adobe expert,


      We are using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.


      Question 1 .We have a pdf document signed with Digital Signatures ( not lock document after signing  ), when we open this document and try to edit by "Edit PDF" icon, it prompt up "This document has been signed and can not be edited". But we can add some text comment and  height with color. We wonder it also belong a kind of edit while  "Edit PDF" icon is not allow to do so. What is the difference ? How can we change the pdf document content after Digital Signatures signed by using  Edit PDF" icon? Are any ways to do so  ?



      Question 2. Under Signature Panel,  Under what situation it will shown the signature is invalid ?  Revoked certification ?   Temper with content ? Not trusted cert list ? Please explain

      For our self test, we have a pdf document signed three Digital Signatures, and then make some text comment on top on it and then save and reopen the file to validate all signature. It shown all three signature is valid and it is strange as we have temper the file file with added comment,on top of three signed signature. It should shown the signature. is invalid, right.  How come it shown valid ?  We known that we can see the changes between the different version of signed version but the problem is why it still shown valid.

      Please advice.


      Question 3. Can we signed a pdf file with expired Digital Signatures? ( even it is non sense but we need to reply the user whether it can do so.or not )


      Thanks for the expert for help.