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    Link to web app item with parameters

    buzzvick Level 1

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to create a link which points to a group of web app items which have a particular feature. eg same suburb. Link 1 is this.... <a href="/resultspage?thesuburb="Link1Suburb"> Click here for our Suburb 1 locations </a> ........so it needs to identify the suburbs in that web app that meet the the link's criteria.  Until now i've used separate pages containing the apps by classification/type entered by the creator, {module_webapps,20365,c,160511....., but this could result in literally hundreds of pages long term., when the same result should be the one results page filtered by the criteria


      Perhaps a derivative of the web app search function,using only one criteria,  but as a link. No iidea though how I could manipulate this to work or if there's an easier way. It seems like this should be achievable.


      Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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          Robert K. Bell Level 4

          Use {module_url} to render the tag, that renders the webapp items. E.g:


              <!-- in /foo.html -->    


          Then, link to foo.html like this:


              <a href="/foo.html?suburbId=160511">


          You may also want to add some logic to show basic information if suburbId is not provided, or not valid.