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    Toggle play/pause


      Hi There,


      Im totally new to Edge and trying to work on pausing and playing 4 sound bytes.


      I have a pause button on stage with the following code that pauses the customer_thumbs audio and so forth from the animated indicitor main symbol. On the animated indicator each audio is about 40 frames apart and plays sequentially.







      I have a play button also on Stage that plays the customer_thumbs audio and so forth from the animated indictor.  (each new call is replaced by its name cumstomerBlurb_High, customerBlurb_house and customerBlurb_list.


      if (sym.getSymbol("animated_indicator").$("customerBlurb_thumbs")[0].paused) {


      } else {





      However its doesnt know where on the animated indicator it is and once paused and hit pay it replays and loads them all. I have tried several tutorials on variables for current frame or isPlaying but im getting it all wrong