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    How to exectue Javascript function with high privileges, like importDataObject, by buttonup event?

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      I created a folder level javascript function with the name:  importobject()
      It use the function : this.importDataObject("MyData") within importobject()

      I want to call importobject() function through buttonup event.

      Since the importDataObject() funciton is of high privileges, I tried several ways in making that funciton available with ADOBE READER, but all failed. The failing  message is like: "NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method- While using function".


      I am very confusing now. It is indicated in adobe document that"Beginning with Acrobat 6.0, security-restricted methods can execute without restrictions if the document certifier’s certificate is trusted for running embedded high privilege JavaScript." But the way I tried are all failed.


      I tried the following ways:

      1. to call this folder level function ,importobject(), as trusted function, with
      app.beginPriv(); app.endPriv();

      2. to create a certificate with acrobat pro,
         sign it to the pdf file.
         Setting the certificate as Trusted Identities', add the option for high privileges function
         Open the pdf file with adobe reader, accept the certiciate
         When clicking the button for exectuing the folder level function, importobject(), failed again with the ""NotAllowedError"

      3. I got the reply from my former question, that maybe I need to use Lifecycle Reader Extention.
         I want to try that. But failed in finding that in adobe website. The link for downloading Lifecycle Reader Extention is actually for Adobe Rearder DC. I am also not sure it the problem can be solved by extending the pdf file with Lifecycle Reader Extention.


      Hope someone can help me.
      Thanks in advance.