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    Tooltip for datagrid's cells

      I know how to create a tooltip for datagrid and/or its columns. Is it possible to create a tooltip (or something similar) for each cell? So whenever the mouse is over a certain cell, a tip would be shown for that cell that depends on the value of the cell. Similar functionality can often be seen in web-based database apps: an Ajax query gets related data from a database on mouseOver.

      My need and idea is to
      - show a simple text list as a tooltip
      - the text would be fetched from a database via a web service
      - the fetch would be based on datagrid's (hidden) rowid and each column's (hidden) column id (which are real database columns)
      - the database structure is an n:m relation i.e. one rowid+colid can refer to several items that are then used in the tooltip

      Use case: A number is displayed in the datagrid. The need is to display 0-n references related to that specific figure (e.g. book names, notes etc) in the tooltip. Next cell's tooltip would be showing different references.

      Anybody any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!