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    Intermittent "Security Sandbox Violation"

      I'm building a web app in Flex which has several canvases of information that the user can "flip" through, which I'm doing by making them visible/invisible. There are four canvases, one with text, one with images, one with a video player and one with an audio player. The video and audio players are external .swf files that are loaded from the server at run-time. There are also several embedded .swf files for things like loading animations.

      The video player is throwing a never-ending series of Security Sandbox Violation, but only when there is an embedded .swf file, such as a "loading" animation, in the display list. The video player is bahaving normally, I add a "loading" animation (via embedded .swf file), and it starts throwing the errors:

      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
      SecurityDomain 'file:///E:/bin-debug/ecms.ashx/assets/shared/video_player_full.swf' tried to access incompatible context 'file:///E:/bin-debug/ecms.ashx/assets/timeline/timeline.html'

      It does this even if the video player's SWFLoader isn't even in the display list. Once I remove the loading animation from the display list the errors stop.

      The errors only occour when I do test builds, it doesn't appear to throw any Security errors when the files are all uploaded to a server and run from there. I don't think this would really big problem except that it's spamming my Console window and making it impossible to read the output of Trace calls.