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    I need code in my button to play music without any duplication...

    miper27 Level 1

      Hi there!!.. First of all, I apologize because my english is not good enough. I am from Spain.



      I am doing a project in Flash CS5, but it's a mess..

      I need to do an App to play it in Flash player. My project has two buttons, one to play the project again, and a second one to go to a specific frame. My problem is that when I press my button to start again, the music starts from the frame 0 and not from my specific frame. Also, if I press my button once more and my video starts again, the music is duplicated. As you can see, I would like to put some code in my button to play the music (it´s in a layer) from its beginning like the video, without any duplication. Apart from that, I would like to keep the option to play the music indefinitely when my video stops (it has a stop() at the end).



      Thanks a lot!!