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    Shockwave Audio

    andyulrika_is_back Level 1
      I've just published a shockwave movie but the audio doesn't play in my browser. the audio file is included in a linked cast - anybody any ideas on how to fix it.


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          Are you viewing it locally or from a server? Is the cast fully
          downloaded when you try to play the sound? Are you using Lingo to play
          it or is it in a sound channel? Did you mark any xtras required to play
          the sound to "download if needed"?
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            andyulrika_is_back Level 1
            Hi Sean

            Thanks for replying.

            I'm viewing it on a server - When I 'preview after publishing' the audio plays ok.
            Not entirely sure if the cast is downloaded but waited quite a long time and tried several times unsuccesfully.
            Using lingo to activate the sounds (swa) rather than a sound channel
            I've ticked all the boxes for downloading in the Modify / Movie / Xtras Window

            I've also checked that I've uploaded an exact duplicate of the contents of my dswmedia folder into a dswmedia folder on my server.

            I'm just wondering if I have to use a URL to open the audio file - but since i've not used a url for images or any other cast members it doesn't seem right.

            Any suggestions would be helpful.