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    Better resolution on export pdf from Indesign




      I have some issue I can't figure out with exported project size in pixels.


      I try to make a print of a map. I have an image of the map, big image. 10 000 x 14 000 pixels. Realy high resolution with all the details clean and sharp.


      Now when I put it into my Indesign project of 70x100 cm ( 28x40 in ) the image size is big enough - efective PPI is about 500. However, since Indesign is only a layout application with no resolution setting and 1 pixel = 1 point, my project is only 2000x3000 pixels. The image of a map even though it has high evective PPI 500 on High Quality Display Performance looks much worse than original jpg itself. And the exported pdf is 2000x3000 pixels size which for a 70x100 cm project with lot of details doesn't look good. I miss lot of details and it simply looks like not enough high resolution.


      Does anyone have a sugestion on how can I export a specific size print but with larger size in pixels?


      PS: Or maybe I'm missing something because I have a similar issue in Photoshop. When I create a 70x100 cm 300 ppi document in PS, and I go to image size it's about 8000 x 12000 pixels, But then I import my huge map and save as PDF. And i end up with around 2000 x 3000 pixels pdf file on my desktop. Why PS downsizes the pixel size ?


      I would be very grateful for any help.