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    Coles Classroom drag and drop print templates, not allowing me to drag and drop!




      I have LR 5.7 and purchased some Print Templates from Coles Classroom, a respected and well known photography communicator on the web. The templates are meant to be drag and drop (from the filmstrip). so when they are installed and you choose a template in the Print Module from the custom templates, you can simply just drag and drop your images straight into the template in the main window.


      Unfortunately, I can't seem to do this. The templates are there, they are correctly installed into LR and I can click and bring up all of the different templates (there are a lot). But I cannot seem to pick up and drag the images into the template from the filmstrip, as shown and described by Cole in his video tutorials. It seems there has been little issue from anyone with these templates and its a problem that Cole himself has never encountered before. He has said the usual "turn on and off again" which I have done and has had no effect. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the templates and this has had no effect. I still can't pick up and drag the images from the filmstrip along the bottom into the template.


      I haven't tried a huge amount to rectify this as frankly, I don't really know where to start. But while simply trying to find the issue, I did find that when I clicked on Picture Package, at the top of the right hand column when in the Print module, ALL of my images from my collection were already set into separate templates for each individual image. As I have never really used the print module before, I have no idea if this is having an effect on me being able to drag and drop into a different package and hence stop me from doing it?


      These templates were expensive and it seems I am the only person who seems to have had this problem with them. Is there something I need to switch on, or move, or change for me to enable the dragging and dropping of the images, or am on onto a loser with this one?


      Sorry for the long post, but at a complete loss as to what this might be?