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    Strange Text Frame Crashes InDesign


      I am working on this book and I have an issue with the file crashing when exporting to anything.

      I found out the problem is this one specific text frame in the pasteboard of one of the pages. It prevents me from doing anything to it without crashing, which is obviously a huge deal.


      Things I have tried:

      • Delete it: crashes.

      • Move it: crashes.

      • Delete the page it is on: crashes.

      • Change document fonts: crashes.

      • Link text to it: crashes.

      • Change content options: grayed out/can't make change.


      Things of note:

      • It somehow seems to be linked to Times New Roman Regular, since when I try to change it to something else it crashes.

      • Most of the text for this document was imported from word documents and later re-formatted.

      • I discovered the box after going through each page and manually changing the type.


      Is there a work-around for this? Or is this unheard of? I couldn't find any other instance of this elsewhere.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you.