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    Just purchased a Nikon D750 but RAW files cannot be opened

    janw64786681 Level 1

      I have recently purchased a Nikon D750 and tried to download my RAW files from my camera card only my Mac. Yes, I had jpg files and they could be opened but none of the RAW files would open, message said that files were incompatible. I use a Mac OS X version 10.9.5. I have downloaded the latest DNG converter - 9.3.1 but that has made no difference. I don't want to use the Nikon View NX 2 because I don't like the program. I did download this onto my Windows computer and yes, I can see the RAW files but then I can't transfer them to anything else. (I wanted to download them onto a USB stick so that I could see the files on my Mac.)  I use Photoshop Elements 12 which is installed on my Mac, and have taken some time to learn this program, I have no desire to learn another program. I am really disappointed that I have invested so much money and have now gone backwards because I can't use RAW files. Can you help?