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    Adobe Stock single image a one off purchase or a subscription?

    HanielMoore Level 1

      Just before Christmas I logged in to Adobe Stock and began the process of purchasing my first "single image".


      I selected the image I wanted and purchased it using my credit card. I was having internet issues that night and somehow the transaction was processed twice.


      I contacted support and asked them for a refund (they wouldn't give me one). During that conversation I was told I was on a single image subscription (or two subscriptions because of the error). I couldn't understand this as nowhere that I can see does the website, Terms or Common Questions does it say that a "Single image" is a recurring subscription. On the Stock site it says "Pay per image or choose a subscription". In the options table it says, single image A$11.99 and then has 10 images for A$35.99/mo and 750 images for A$239/mo. Having "/mo" at the end alludes to recurring subscription but the A$11.99 does not have this. I asked the support person to cancel both subscriptions in that case and asked for an email confirmation, which did not arrive...


      I contacted support again and was told by another person that single images are not subscription based. What the Heck! now I'm totally confused.




      So... is an Adobe Stock single image a one off purchase or a subscription?