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    paste 10 words into a dialog box, which then assigns each word to a separate text frame

    Simon Figures

      My user story looks something like this:


      1. User selects 10 words from client email, each word is on a new line

      2. User selects pre-designed InDesign document with 10 text frames, each with specific formatting applied

      3. User runs "place text" script in InDesign


      Dialog box pops up, user pastes 10 words into dialog box


      Indesign takes the contents of the clipboard


      4. Each word from the original client email is assigned to a separate text frame

      5. the imported words inherit the styles applied to the text frames


      It sounds so simple, but I haven't been able to find anything which provides this kind of import process. I'd really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction - I've seen some great solutions to other kinds of (more complicated) problems in this forum.


      I'm using CC 2015 on a Mac running the latest version of OSX.