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    Reinstalling flash player with windows 10


      My flash player was not working in windows 10 IE 11 environment.  Yes, I already made sure it was enabled and made sure active x filtering was off.  So I uninstalled it to do  a clean install based on a different forum response.  But when I go to install the latest version the adobe website insists I have it based on my windows 10 environment even though the TEST shows I do not (however this showed the same before I followed the previous two steps).  How can I now force an install of flash player?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          As of Windows 8.1 Microsoft embeds Flash Player in Internet Explorer (and Edge on Widows 10) with all updates being released by Microsoft via Windows Update, and as such, the Flash Player uninstaller does not remove Flash Player for IE/Edge on these versions of Windows (the Uninstall Flash Player for Windows tech note does states the instructions are not applicable to Windows 8 and above).  Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't provide a standalone installer to re-install Flash Player for IE on Windows 8 and above and Edge on Windows 10.  You can try one of the following options to repair the deleted Flash Player from your system:



          If these options do not fix the problem, please contact Microsoft customer support or their community forums.



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            Ya, So, Well, Win10 support forums are interesting and informative on this topic HOWEVER no solutions are forthcoming. Nothing works.  RE: POGO "I have seen the enemy and it is us"
            Adobe is the problem and Windows 10 is the problem.