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    Applied the digital signature verfication time setting + Digital ID setting + Trusted certification setting for all user profiles


      We are using Adobe Reader XI and window 7 SP1 platform.


      In Adobe reader preference settings, there have digital signature verfication time setting, Digital ID setting and Trusted certification setting.

      1) We have change the digital signature verfication time setting to check with time stamp, 2) Added some Digital ID in Digital ID setting, 3) Added some certification in Trusted certification setting.


      We have apply the above three setting with window adminstrator account, but when different users login and using the Adobe reader again, all of those settings disppear .

      We know that it can be set those setting and make it take effect for each user profile one by one but it is unconvenient for our users, even for some common PC and we cannot perdict which user is going to login to use the Adobe reader. So we are finding a way which can make above setting set at once at applied all user profile.   Any expert can help? Much thanks.