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    Folders panel annoyingly places newly created folders outside of usual structure. Why???


      Hey everyone,

      I feel like this is a question I barely know how to word, but here goes.


      Over the years I've been importing each new card of images into my "Main Image Library" folder, which I created in Finder from the very beginning. I create a new folder inside this every time, with a label that begins with a number like 1001. Each new card gets a new sequential number at the beginning, and they count upwards. All along, when viewing the "Folders" window/panel, my sequential folders have sat nicely under my Main Image Library (with Main Image Library twirled down).


      However, I've just imported a new card, creating a new sequential folder as usual (called "1053".), and saved in the usual location in the Main Image Library. But in the "Folders" window/panel, it's come into Lightroom sitting directly under "Macintosh HD", as opposed to sitting further down, indented under the "Main Image Library".


      It's nothing serious exactly. When I say show in finder, it goes to the right place inside the Main Image Library, but it's just strange, and not something I want to live with.


      The only thing I've changed since the last import, is that I've had to basically start my computer fresh due to a hardware issue. So my previous preferences have gone - not that I think this could be related to a preference...


      Does anyone know what I've done to make this happen?


      I'm running a new 27inch iMac Retina 5k, and the newest creative cloud software for Lightroom, in case that helps.