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    Cannot download to Lightroom


      I use Lightroom 6 on a PC running Windows 10. I am suddenly not able to download photos: I plug in the memory card and now get a message "The Destination folder "C:Users\Bills\Pictures (etc)" is not available. Using "Pictures" folder instead. I click OK, as that is the only way to continue, the message disappears, and I ty to continue to specify the download protocol in Lightroom as usual.I have a separate drive for photos, so never use "C", so there seems to be some sort of internal process operating that I am not familiar with. I continue, the thumbnails appear, but the program  suddenly stops working in the middle of setting up the download protocol in Lightroom.  I have to log out and back in to "unfreeze" the program, but the same thing keeps happening: I can no longer download.  How can I get it working again?