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    two sound chanels


      How do I import two sound chanels from my camera, from two separete microphones, and not having them on the same chanel i Elemenets?

      sten winquist

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are these two separate channels (as in left channel and right channel stereo) or are they actually two separate audio tracks (as in your camcorder records as you shoot your video and allows for a dubbing track)?


          The way the audio is recorded will make a difference in how you handle it.

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            Sten.winquist Level 1

            Hello Steve

            Thank you for your answer

            The thing is, I have a videocamera Panasonic hc-x1000.Together with two microphones (Left / Right) so in the camera there are two separete audio chanels.Which alows me to have the reporter on one audio track the intervjued on the other.

            But when I record it to Elements i get both chanels on one track.

            Is there a way to keep the audio tracks separete also in elements, That would make it easier to work with the sound.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              What version of Premiere Elements, what computer operating system.

              Importantly, my comment assumes Premiere Elements 14/14.1 on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit.


              If the discussion in progress does not point to a way to separate channels into separate files within the camera and if you are using Premiere Elements 14...the following should get you the recording's Left Channel and Right Channel in separate files that can be used in your Premiere Elements Editor project with the original file's video portion.


              Import your video audio recorded file into your Premiere Elements 14 project....results in your recording's audio all in one audio track.

              Go to Expert & Share/Audio/Custom/Advanced Settings


              Format = Waveform Audio

              Audio Format = Uncompressed

              Channels = would be Stereo based on the description that you gave

              and then the important part....

              Put a check mark next to the option which reads "Export Each Channel As A Separate File".


              From their hard drive save location, take the exported 2 files back into the project and get rid of the original audio from the imported video audio file with a right click/Delete Audio command.


              I do not see this important "Export Each Channel As A Separate File" option in an earlier version of Premiere Elements. If you do not have 14, then you may be forced into the use of free audio editor named Audacity to separate channels into separate files before import into the Premiere Elements project.


              Please consider after your options in the discussion in progress have been evaluated..


              Thank you.



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                If you're recording separate audio to the right and left channel of a stereo track, then the both channels are independent, even after you bring them into Premiere Elements. But you'll have to fudge them a bit to put them on separate audio tracks, since what you did was kind of non-standard.


                1) Please your video on Video 1 and on Video 2, one copy of the clip directly above the other.

                2) Open the Effects and, under Audio Effects, apply Fill Left with Right to the video on Video 2.

                3) Then, from the same panel, apply Fill Right with Left to the video on Video 1.



                If you'd like, you can right-click on one of the copies and select Delete Video so that you only have one copy of the video on your timeline.